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The following are technical presentations, workshops, papers, and other works I've created or helped to create.

Date Venue Title Format Role With
2021-01-28 SciCloj Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian Meetup Presenter  
2020-12-23 ClojureScript Podcast S4 E19 Hoplon with Alan Dipert Interview Interviewee Jacek Schae
2020-04-28 ELS JACL: A Common Lisp for Developing Single-Page Web Applications Presentation Presenter  
2020-04-27 ELS JACL: A Common Lisp for Developing Single-Page Web Applications Academic Paper Author  
2020-01-31 rstudio::conf Integration Testing in Shiny Apps and Modules Poster Presenter  
2019-12-11 WWW Just Lisp Things Author Blog  
2019-11-19 OCRUG Integrating React.js and Shiny, code Presentation Presenter  
2019-11-16 OCRUG Interview with Alan Dipert Interview Interviewee  
2019-01-24 rstudio::conf Integrating React.js and Shiny Presentation Presenter  
2018-12-17 Orange Combinator Old School FP: A Common Lisp Experience Report Meetup Presenter  
2018-09-06 rstudio.com Load testing Shiny Webinar Presenter  
2018-02-02 rstudio::conf Make Shiny fast by doing as little work as possible, slides Presentation Presenter  
2018-01-31 rstudio::conf Intermediate Shiny Workshop Teaching assistant  
2017-10-13 WWW Wondr: Thoughts on R programming Blog Author  
2016-11-03 The Cognicast Episode 112 Interview Interviewee Craig Andera, Micha Niskin
2016-10-18 The Cognicast Episode 111 Interview Interviewee Craig Andera, Micha Niskin
2015-11-06 Øredev Programmable Builds with Boot Presentation Presenter  
2015-11-04 Øredev Hoplon: A Simpler Way to Program the Web Presentation Presenter  
2015-10-02 ClojureBridge ClojureBridge Durham Workshop Teaching assistant Yoko Harada
2015-10-01 No Starch Press Clojure for the Brave and True Book Technical editor Daniel Higginbotham
2015-04-20 Clojure/West Boot Can Build It, slides Presentation Presenter Micha Niskin
2014-03-24 Clojure/West Web Programming with Hoplon Presentation Presenter Micha Niskin
2014-03-18 The Cognicast Episode 52 Interview Interviewee Craig Andera
2013-11-14 Clojure/conj Gherkin, a Lisp 1 in Bash 4, code Lightning talk Presenter  
2013-03-18 Clojure/West FRP in ClojureScript with Javelin, slides Presentation Presenter  
2012-11-16 Clojure/conj FRP in ClojureScript with Flapjax, code, demo Lightning talk Presenter  
2012-10-06 BarCamp Rochester 10 Your Own Compiler in 20 Minutes, slides Presentation Presenter  
2012-07-19 OSCON Computing with Clojure, slides Workshop Trainer Clinton Dreisbach
2012-07-13 Pluralsight Clojure Fundamentals - Part 1 Course Trainer Craig Andera
2012-03-16 Clojure/West Programming with Values in Clojure, slides Presentation Presenter  
2011-11-12 Clojure/conj Uberlisp, a Lisp for Arduino, code Lightning talk Presenter Jon Distad
2011-08-25 The Ruby Hoedown V Functional Programming with Ruby Presentation Presenter  
2005-01-14 Linux.com My workstation OS: NetBSD Article Author