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Alan's Homepage

Hello, and welcome to the personal homepage and wiki of Alan Dipert!

  • ConsultingPractice is about the professional software engineering consulting services I provide.
  • PersonalBackground is about my personal history and interests.
  • TechWorks is a list of technical presentations, workshops, papers, and other works I've created or helped to create.

The best way to contact me is by email at alan@tailrecursion.com. I also maintain a CoffeeTime to meet with folks. In addition, you can find me on the follow social media websites:

  • Twitter is where I post infrequently, usually about technology.
  • GitHub is where I typically collaborate on open source software and star interesting projects I run across.
  • LinkedIn is where I maintain my work history and professional connections.
  • Hacker News is where I occasionally submit links and engage The Internet in discussion.


Date Note
2022-12-02 Added GitOnSharedHost to describe setting up a read-only Git repo on Dreamhost.
2021-07-01 Added HomePhotos to document family media archival strategy.
2021-06-24 Added AsyncAwaitGotchas, about obscure async/await JavaScript errors in Google Chrome.
2021-02-05 Added SciCloj presentation comparing Common Lisp to Clojure to TechWorks.
2020-12-31 Added to Lisp:CommonLispIteration, added ClojureScript Podcast appearance to TechWorks.
2020-12-15 Added TechSolutions to record solutions to software problems and errors I encounter.
2020-11-23 Added CoffeeTime.
2020-11-23 Added Lisp:CommonLispIteration.
2020-11-21 Customized Zim export HTML/CSS template.
2020-11-13 Added Lisp:GherkinHistory.
2020-11-10 Added three Cognicast appearances to TechWorks.
2020-11-09 Added FairDivision.
2020-11-02 Deployed new Zim-based site and established redirects from previous URLs.